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Silver Minings: Raiders trade for Justin Fields in the new CBS 2024 Mock draft

Raiders make the move for their quarterback of the future but not a rookie

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are on a bye this week, sitting at 5-7. When they return, Aidan O'Connell will make his sixth start, hoping to build on his strong performance in Week 12.

While O'Connell prepares for the Minnesota Vikings, the mock drafts are starting across the media. CBS Sports released their newest Mock Draft on Saturday. The Raiders made a move at quarterback, but not for a rookie.

Here’s the mock trade I’ve conjured.

Raiders get: QB Justin Fields, 2025 fifth-round pick

Bears get: No. 43 overall (second-round pick) and conditional 2025 third-round pick that becomes a second-round pick if Fields plays 75% of the 2024 snaps.

With the Chicago Bears having the Carolina Panthers' first-round pick, trading for Justin Fields has become a topic. The assumption is they would draft a quarterback with the first pick, making Fields available on the market.

If the Raiders traded for Fields, he would become the assumed starter for the silver and black. He is having his best season as a passer, with 64% and 92 rating. The arrow points to Fields, but he still struggles to help his team win games. QB wins aren't the best stat for quarterbacks, but 7-26 would bench most signal callers.

It will be a fun offseason.

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