Yup, I'm going down the road.

1. Jimmy Garoppolo: could completely restructure his contract for peanuts. What other team would want him?

2. Zamir White: what have you done for us lately? Nothing!

3. Tyree Wilson: what have you done for us as a 1st Round Draft pick? A whole lot of nothing!

4. Brandon Bolden: just because...

5. Jakorian Bennett: there is a reason his nickname is becoming "toast"

6. Justin Herron: is he ever on the field?

7. Brian Hoyer: a signing "pre-retirement gift" by Ziegler/McDaniels

8. Brittain Brown: who?

9. Cole Fotheringham: see ya...

10. Keelan Cole: doesn't he make us all forget Cliff Branch?

I'm done, now. That's all I can guess. I'm sure y'all have others you'd like to see hit the road, so put those suggestions in the comments. Peace out Raider Nation. It's all entertainment.