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Raiders quarterback 2024: Would Justin Fields be a fit?

There is already chatter Raiders could make a play for Bears’ starter

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Justin Fields
Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

Could Justin Fields be the Las Vegas Raiders’ starting quarterback in 2024?

The subject was broached by the Las Vegas Review-Journal in recent days.

So, let’s do what we do in this community and discuss it.

It appears for the second offseason, the Raiders will be in search for a new quarterback so expect a lot of names to be discussed.

And, of course, a lot depends on who will be the top decision makers. Las Vegas owner Mark Davis will have a coaching and general manager search. He could end up sticking with the interim tandem of coach Antonio Pierce and Champ Kelly (who were promoted October 31 when Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler were fired) or Davis could opt for outside options.

So, when those decisions are made (likely in late January), the quarterback picture may become more clear. Of course, current Raiders’ starter Aidan O’Connell has a chance to make a strong case for the job in the final five games of the season, no matter who is leading the team.

If Fields does emerge as the next Raiders’ quarterback it would likely mean Kelly is being retained. Kelly was the Bears’ assistant director of player personnel when Chicago drafted Fields out of Ohio State in the first round.

So, that’s the big connection. Kelly surely knows Fields well. Now, perhaps Fields could be the target of a new regime because there is a chance the Bears could make him available in a trade. But the Kelly path seems like the clearest way to the Raiders ending up with Fields.

Here’s the question: Is Fields worth pursuing?

He is still young and while the start of his career has been bumpy, he could be still have a nice future. He will be 25 on opening day in 2024. O’Connell is 25 now.

While Fields has skills and has had some moments in the NFL, ball security has been an issue. He has thrown 27 interceptions and has fumbled 35 times in 35 games. That’s scary. He also has dealt with injuries.

It will be interesting to see what Chicago would want for Fields. He probably wouldn’t cost much more than a mid-round pick (with some conditions perhaps). So, the price may be right and he would still be on his rookie deal next year, so he would be affordable.

So, there are some reasons to think this would be worth looking into, especially if Kelly is running the show.

Still, focusing on a rookie quarterback at the top of the draft could be a more likely route.

Whatever happens, the quarterback talk for 2024 is just beginning.