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Silver Minings: Study shows Raiders 1 of NFL’s most lucky teams

Their record certainly doesn’t suggest that

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Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images

The headline to this post may cause Las Vegas Raiders fans to raise their eyebrows or even call BS.

After all, the team is returning from its bye week with a 5-7 and buried in the AFC playoff chase. That certainly doesn’t invoke thoughts of a team that has been blessed with an abundance of good fortune during the first three quarters of the 2023 season,

Yet, according to a study by, that apparently is the case. The study ranks Las Vegas as the fifth luckiest squad in the league in 2023. Kansas City is No. 1.

The formula is based on the number of overall injuries, blown fourth-quarter leads, losses by five points or less, losses in overtime. field-goal percentage and quarterback injuries.

Factoring large in this is that the Raiders haven’t had many close defeats. Only one of their seven defeats have been by five points or less, while four of their five wins have been by four points or less.

I do, however, get that the Raiders have had luck when it comes to injuries. In almost every game this season, their opponent has had more injuries issues. plus, Las Vegas has played many poor offenses and have played three games against backup quarterbacks with, at least, two more coming up.

Perhaps the luck will benefit Las Vegas down the stretch than it has thus far this season.

In other Raiders’ news: