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Reviewing your comments on go-to Super Bowl party needs

We could have quite the party with this lineup

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Stadium and Field Preparation Press Conference
Super Bowl
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The greatest party day of the year is two days away — Super Bowl Sunday.

Our Tuesday community question this week was what is your Super Bowl p[arty must-have. We had great answers and you folks can clearly party.

Here are some of your responses:

AAA54 wrote:

Buffalo Chicken dip with Frank’s Hit Sauce

The3rdMacManusBrother wrote:

Don’t really do parties or anything huge for the SB. But if it’s nice out I like to smoke some ribs or a whole chicken or make cheese steaks on the griddle.

KilluminatiRaider wrote:

Carne asada con cerveza.

RaiderDieHard92 wrote:

Nacho bar, wings, stuffed mushrooms, chips with various dips, charcuterie - good to go.

Bug68 wrote:


Vegetables with onion dip

Chips and Salsa

And the most important game of the day: PUPPY BOWL

Mal Davis wrote:


Lessoffensivedefense wrote:

I used to have a small super bowl party every year and would get a Panda Express Catered/party pack so Chinese food along with the usual snacks. I can’t remember the last super bowl I watched now. The giants beating the pats both times were great but I stopped watching soon after when the raiders were out.

Beerdevil wrote:

Beer, obviously! This is one thing Carr haters and Carr supporters can agree on.