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Time is now for Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels to get it together

It’s been a rough start for new Las Vegas brass

NFL: Houston Texans at Las Vegas Raiders
Dave Ziegler, Derek Carr
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

As the Derek Carr situation heads to a conclusion, all eyes should be focused on the Las Vegas Raiders’ brass.

As they head into their second season with the team, pressure is mounting for Raiders’ general manager Dave Ziegler and coach Josh McDaniels. Of course, their work begins with figuring out how to replace Carr, who is leaving the franchise after nine seasons as the starter. Finding a quarterback is one of the most difficult task in professional sports and there is no sure thing the Raiders will find an upgrade over Carr in 2023.

Can this brass be trusted to get it right at quarterback in addition to improving the defense and offensive line?

Frankly, the Ziegler and McDaniels regime has done little to give up confidence that they are up to the task.

The Carr situation is an another of example of this being a rough start to Ziegler’s turn as general manager. The Raiders backed themselves into a scenario where they are allowing a starting quarterback to walk with no compensation. It’s all hindsight, but giving him a contract extension last year when it was clear McDaniels wasn’t completely sold on him was unnecessary and it ended up hurting the team.

They could have told Carr they wanted to revisit his deal after the season and now he would be a free agent with the Raiders very likely looking a 2024 third-round compensatory draft pick. Now, the Raiders are empty handed as he leaves.

Does Ziegler and McDaniels have a set plan?

Earlier this offseason, Ziegler said he wants to build through the draft. That came after he sent first and second-round picks to Green Bay for wide receiver Davante Adams last year. Adams is a great player and he was worth it, but sending two top picks for a skill-position player in his age 30 year, that contradicts the plan of building through the draft.

During the disappointing 2022 season, both Ziegler and McDaniels said that it was a process and they wanted to build the team through youngsters.

If that was the case why did they trade for Adams and sign 32-year old Chandler Jones to a deal with more than $34 million nd extend four players they inherited if they didn’t think the team was close?

It seems like this tandem is making decision as they go along, changing directions without the security of a true plan.

We already saw that McDaniels has flaws on game day, but is Ziegler equipped to help him or are these two simply products of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s success in New England?

As this brass transitions from the rocky Carr exit to a new quarterback, they must figure out a strong plan for the future or the lackluster results will continue.