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Silver Minings: Raiders are connected to Mac Jones in latest report

Could the Raiders trade for Mac Jones?

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New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are in the search for their next quarterback after releasing Derek Carr. The team has options that make sense from Aaron Rodgers to Jimmy Garoppolo.

While the draft is another option as well the rumors are that McDaniels wants a veteran quarterback. With that said, there has been speculation about a former signal caller that played with the head coach.

That player is Mac Jones where he was drafted by the New England Patriots while McDaniels was the offensive coordinator. His issues with the coaching staff left over has rumors of him on the trade block.

“I don’t think Bill appreciated the way that Mac handled some of the stuff last year,” Breer said. “There’s a way that I think Bill thinks a franchise quarterback should conduct himself. And for the most part, (Tom) Brady did conduct himself that way. I think there were certain things in the way that Mac handled his second year as a pro that Bill didn’t appreciate.

“I don’t know how in love the Raiders are with Mac. Like, if you’re talking about getting their first-round pick, I don’t think that’s happening.”

Should the Raiders trade for Mac Jones? Let us know in the comments.

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