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Raiders 2023 quarterback: Ranking Aaron Rodgers’ potential destinations

What are the Raiders’ chances of landing the legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback?

Syndication: Stevens Point Journal
Aaron Rodgers

We previously looked at teams that could compete with the Las Vegas Raiders for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, should the Green Bay Packers decide to trade him this offseason.

Now, let’s rank the teams in order of who we think have the best chance to land him.

Las Vegas Raiders:

This just seems to be the best overall fit for Rodgers. The Raiders have a huge need for a quarterback. They have good offensive weapons, and, of course, Raiders star wide receiver Davante Adams — who played eight seasons with Rodgers and remains close with him — wants his old quarterback in Las Vegas. Rodgers, who is from the West Coast, has enjoyed all the Raiders talk and it would be an easy fit, but there is also a strong chance the Raiders may opt for a younger quarterback.

New York Jets:

This is another strong possibility as a Rodgers’ landing spot. The Jets are an AFC team (the Packers reportedly don’t want Rodgers in the NFC) and their new offensive coordinator is Nathaniel Hackett, who worked with Rodgers in Green Bay. They had an excellent relationship. The Jets may be a veteran quarterback away from being a contender. This could be a fit. It’s very possible the Jets will try to scoop in front of the Raiders and snag A-Rod.

Green Bay Packers:

It’s not out of the question that Rodgers returns to the Frozen Tundra. Yes, signs have been pointing for a while that the two sides may be ready to separate. But he is a Packers’ legend and the two sides may sign up for another run.

Tennessee Titans:

This is the final AFC team on the list and I think it could be a dark horse choice. The Titans could be a legitimate playoff team with Rodgers and I could see mutual interest.

Carolina Panthers:

I could see the Packers playing ball with the Panthers if there are no other great offers. They would be better with Rodgers, for sure, but the may not be a Super Bowl contender. So, if Carolina gives the Packers a nice offer, they may listen.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

The Buccaneers need a quarterback after Tom Brady’s retirement and adding another future Hall of Famer would appeal to them, who won a weak NFC South with an 8-9 record. I’m not sure the Packers would be willing to deal him to Tampa Bay, though.


If Rodgers is dealt, I think the will be a two-way race between Las Vegas and New York with the Raiders (and Adams) holding the edge to land the future Pro Football Hall of Famer.