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Raiders quarterback 2023: Ranking the possibilities

From a rookie to A-Rod to Jimmy G. to Mac Jones and more, many options to replace Derek Carr

NCAA Football: Peach Bowl-Ohio State at Georgia
C.J. Stroud
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There have already have been several twists and turns this offseason as the Las Vegas Raiders look to replace Derek Carr. Their question on who is the next Raiders’ quarterback is the biggest of the offseason and with the team closing in on making a decision, let’s re-rank the possibilities in terms of what I would do if I was calling the shots.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Kentucky
Will Levis
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Draft a quarterback:

This is always the best option of you feel good about the prospects. So if the Raiders like Bryce Young (Alabama), C.J. Stroud (Ohio State), Will Levis (Kentucky) or Anthony Richardson (Florida), especially if they don’t have to move up from No. 7, this is a good way of improving the franchise. Of course, there is big risks in drafting quarterbacks, but it’s worth the try if you feel good about it and I can see the Raiders wanting to go this route.

Mac Jones:

The biggest sticking point is if the New England Patriots would trade their 2021 first-round pick. But if the reports are correct and Bill Belichick and Jones are having problems, I could see Raiders’ general manager Dave Ziegler and coach Josh McDaniels jumping at the chance to trade for Jones. They like him, they know him and he’s only 24. Again, it all starts with if the Patriots will make him available and as long as he doesn’t cost a first-round pick, it could be worthwhile.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers
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Aaron Rodgers:

We will see if Rodgers will leave the Green Bay Packers. If he does, we have to keep an eye on this. The Raiders might be intrigued by Rodgers in the short term and it would please Davante Adams. There are some obstacles, but Rodgers playing for the Raiders isn’t out of the question. He would be the best short-term answer. If the price is right, this is interesting.

Jimmy Garoppolo:

I could see the Raiders opting for Jarrett Stidham before Garoppolo because of age (Stidham is 26 and Garoppolo is 31) and because of Garoppolo’s injury history. But Jimmy G is a McDaniels’ guy, so it’s a possible short-term marriage. Like him or not, he wins.

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Jarrett Stidhman
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Jarrett Stidham

It would be easy. Stidham would surely re-sign with Las Vegas if he were given the chance to start. The team may feel like going with him, in the short term at least, might be the best answer and then they can figure out the future later if he isn’t the answer.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Baltimore Ravens
Lamar Jackson in 2021
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Lamar Jackson:

He would look great in the Silver and Black. But, a lot would have to happen to make it a reality. Would the Baltimore Ravens really let it get to the point where they would have to trade Jackson? Also, it would cost Las Vegas a ton in terms of trade compensation and contract cost. But until Jackson signs with the Ravens this is a possibility.

Jacoby Brissett:

Brissett is another former New England quarterback who worked with McDaniels. He did a nice job in Cleveland last season and would be a decent bridge quarterback if the above options don’t materialize. He could also be in play for 2023 if the Raiders draft a quarterback.