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Raiders 2023 quarterback: Mac Jones Pros and Cons

Could former Josh McDaniels player be the answer at quarterback?

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Mac Jones, Josh McDaniels
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

As the Las Vegas Raiders search for a new quarterback, we have been examining several potential options.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Mac Jones of the New England Patriots in case the team decides to trade him:


He’s a Josh McDaniels guy:

McDaniels and Las Vegas general manager Dave Ziegler helped draft Jones in the first round in 2021. Jones played much better as a rookie with McDaniels as his offensive coordinator than he did in 2022 with McDaniels in las Vegas. The two have a good relationship and McDaniels has raved about Jones. It would be an instant connection.

He’s young:

Jones turns 25 in September. Thus, the team can build around him. It would be similar to drafting a rookie and he has a much longer career span that getting a journeyman in free agency and certainly more than Aaron Rodgers if he was acquired in a deal.

He’s still cheap:

Jones is still on his rookie contract. He won’t be eligible for a new contract until next year and the Raiders could always exercise his fifth-year option for the 2025 season. So, he would be a lot more cost effective than most other veteran options, which would help build the roster around him in the next couple of years.


He might not be available:

There has been mixed reports whether or not the Patriots would entertain a trade for Jones. So, unless he is truly available, trade talks is simply speculation.

He’d be somewhat costly:

In terms of trade compensation, we’ll taking. I don’t think the Raiders would (or should) give up a first-round pick for Jones, the No. 15 overall pick two years ago. But the Raiders would likely have to surrender their second-round pick and maybe a little more. But if Las Vegas thinks Jones is the answer, that may not be too worrisome

Does he have a bad attitude?

Jones was seen yelling at New England coaches and teammates at times during the 2022 season. Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick was reportedly not pleased by those actions. He didn’t have that issue as a rookie, so maybe McDaniels would feel like he could keep Jones calm. If not, though, nobody needs a quarterback acting like that.


The key is if New England will trade him or not. If so, though, there are reasons to think this could be a fit.