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Reviewing your comments on what former Raiders’ coach would have success in today’s game

John Madden is an obvious one

John Madden - Head Coach - Oakland Raiders - File Photos
John Madden
Photo by Fred Roe/Getty Images

It’s time to review some of your responses from this week’s Tuesday Community Question. It was: What former Raiders coach do you think would the most success in today’s game.

There were a lot of great answers as always. Here are some our your responses:

Raiderforever said

Obviously, the coach so good they named a game after him is the only logical choice. Lance Kiffin is probably the only other possibility.


I am torn. We have had so many great ones. Joe Bugel, Art Shell, Norv Turner, Mike White....

I think Madden was the best leader and the best X and O’s guy. He probably is the only former Raider coach that could coach in the modern era. Maybe Shanahan.

Raidersforever said:

Bugel would have been like Belichick after Cleveland Browns. Probably good for at least 8 Super Bowl rings.

NJCCC said:

No Al (and for Madden, it was the best version of Al when the game fit him to a T. Pre-late 70s rules where DBS were not hamstrung and could rough up WRS from snap to before the ball was coming more so) around.

Hmmm. It’s him or Flores. Two different styles but both very successful. Madden more of the regular season but Al was at his best then too, Flores for overall with playoffs. It’s tough but I think for today with Mark, Madden. For one I doubt Mark would butt in much (he’s really starting to do this).

And with his personality we’d have a rough team starting with the DL and OL. Run the ball well and hit the QB. That works for any era.

Torindorn4life said:

We saw Flores w/o Davis and the Raiders up in wasn’t good. That 14-34 stint is partly why it took him so long to get in the Hall. I’m gonna swerve and say Mike Shanahan. No, he isn’t a fondly remembered Raider, but he did have the most modern success of any former Raiders coach.