Addition at LB and leadership

Saw Kyle Van Noy on Cowherd today.

This guy seems like a good free agent signing. Year or two deal. Incentives.

Smart, versatile, winner.

Another Patriot of course, understands what Graham wants to do.

Can play edge and ILB.

Maybe its time to let Perryman walk..always hurt, can't cover.

Van Noy and Deablo/Rookie

Done with Jayon Brown, Masterson is special teams at best.

Deablo has def shown ability to be a 3 down backer but he himself hasn't been durable.

You only need two legit LB's in todays NFL.

LB's that need to do everything.

Van Noy is not great but is solid as hell and can help set a tone in the locker room and improve a really weak position on this roster.

I hope Zieg is thinking about that stuff too, and not just all this Carr bs.