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Raiders offseason 2023: Scott Turner can elevate the Raiders' quick passing game

What does new assistant bring to the table?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders' passing game didn't take off and was disappointing overall. While Davante Adams amassed 1500 yards with 14 touchdowns, the struggles led to the benching of Derek Carr.

Carr's inaccuracies were an issue, but Josh McDaniels stuck to specific concepts and designs in dire situations. It allowed them to become predictable in the passing game. The coaching staff knew they had to find better ways to consistently get Adams the football and maximize the weapons already under contract.

In comes Scott Turner, the son of former NFL head coach Norv Turner becoming the passing game coordinator. Turner was the offensive coordinator for the Commanders, and his offense didn't produce during his tenure. They were 28th in EPA per play during his tenure, according to The quarterback situation was never secure and helped keep the offense from reaching its potential.

However, Turner is not in Las Vegas to call plays. He is with the Raiders to help elevate the passing game, and Turner moved Terry McLaurin all over the football field. His designs could elevate a passing game that finished 15th in EPA per play, even with the issues late in the season.

The short passing game is where the former Commanders' offensive coordinator will make his mark. The designs attack defenses weakness while targeting his top playmakers. According to sports info solutions, the Commanders ranked second in passer rating and second in adjusted net yards per attempt at 8.1 targeting wide receivers. The silver and black ranked 21st and 18th in those same categories with Adams.

Turned used motions and creative formations to open up the short passing game. Versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, he has a 4x1 set in a bunch formation. He runs a west coast staple choice shallow adding a whip route as the second read with the extra receiver.

After the snap, the design attacks the cover 3 coverage, creating an opening between the linebacker and safety in the zone. Gives Carson Wentz an easy read for the first down.

One of his staples is the mesh concept, where he would use motion at the snap to help create space. Spamming mesh can come back to haunt you eventually, but Turner does well finding creative ways to use the concept.

With below-average quarterback play, McLaurin was productive with the offensive coordinator scheming plays. Week 18 vs. the Dallas Cowboys, the Commanders are in a 3x1 set running the drive concept, which is a shallow and a dig over the top. The former Ohio State Buckeye is the inside slot receiver running the shallow. Dan Quinn has the Cowboys in man-match coverage, which has become regular around the NFL.

After the snap, The safety over the top of McLaurin switches to the inside linebacker playing any drag route that comes his way. This creates a one-on-one with McLaurin and the linebacker for an easy reception and a touchdown in the red zone.

The Raiders also struggled in the red zone, and Turner's quick passing designs could help create easier looks for the quarterback. Plenty of Motion before the snap on the play below, putting the cornerback in a bind for the easy touchdown.

If it is Aaron Rodgers or other options, they will need the short passing game to be more efficient. Turner will add a new flavor to the passing game overall.