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Raiders 2023 quarterback : Pros and Cons of signing Jimmy Garoppolo

49ers’ free-agent signal caller could be an option for Las Vegas

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers
Jimmy Garoppolo
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As the Las Vegas Raiders search for a new quarterback, it’s possible the answer may be Jimmy Garoppolo.

The San Francisco 49ers’ free agent has been connected to the Raiders and there have reports the team is interested. Here’s a pro and cons look of the Raiders signing Jimmy G:


He fits the system:

Raiders’ coach Josh McDaniels is a staunch believer in his own system. He wants players who fit it. That’s why he tried to trade for Matt Cassel when he became the quarterback in Denver in 2009, which abruptly ended the Jay Cutler era with the Broncos. That’s why he wanted Jarrett Stidham as his backup last season in Las Vegas and that’s why Derek Carr is no longer the Raider’s quarterback. Garoppolo was drafted by McDaniels in New England and he has played for him. The fit is there,

He’s solid:

Garoppolo gets a lot of flak, but he is pretty good. He’s not fancy and he’s not a gunslinger. But he’s efficient. He teammates rally around him and he finds a way to win. Teams cam do a lot worse that having Garoppolo behind center.

He wouldn’t be overly expensive:

Unlike Aaron Rodgers or Lamar Jackson, Garoppolo wouldn‘t be horribly expensive to secure. He would probably be able to be signed for a mid-level quarterback contract and probably less that what Carr was set to be signed for. Thus, it would help the Raiders add other (much needed) pieces to the roster. But, then again, he won’t be super cheap.

He’d be a short-term fix:

Garoppolo, who will be 32 in November (he is seven months younger than Carr) would likely only be the Raiders’ quarterback for two or three seasons. He would be a glorified bridge quarterback and the Raiders would soon have to search for a new quarterback again.

He’s injury prone:

Garoppolo has a hard time staying healthy. He’s had two major injuries the past three seasons and has played just one full season in his career, So, the Raiders would need to have a reliable backup behind him.

Would he really be the answer?

Garoppolo has been on some good teams. The Raider roster is still building. It may be a stretch to think he can carry a team or be a primary reason why the Raiders win consistently.


It really doesn’t matter what we think. If McDaniels wants Garoppolo, Jimmy G. will probably be headed to Vegas.