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Reviewing Tuesday Community Question: Unsung hero

Some great responses

NFL: Super Bowl XVIII
Dave Dalby (50)
Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

We got a lot of great responses to our Tuesday Community Question this week as we asked what Raiders player in history was the biggest unsung hero.

We had many, great answers. Below are some of them. Thanks to all who participated:

Zoidberg24 wrote:

My choice would be Dave Dalby. He was the starting center for all three of the Raiders Super Bowl victories but never gets talked about. He also played 14 seasons and never missed a game.

Raidersfan83 wrote:

Jack Squirek

Cringeworthy Wrote:

Bill Pickel.

AAAA54 wrote:

Derek Carr.

Whathecluk wrote:

Warren Wells

“Best wide receiver I’ve ever seen. If he could have played long enough, he could have been the greatest wide receiver who ever played.”

~ John Madden

volkerball wrote:

Nnamdi still gets some respect, but I think over the next 10-20 years, his name is gonna get largely forgotten just because the teams he played on were so bad. But he was a great player. I’d also give a shout out to Jason Campbell. When he got here, that was the first time I felt like the team were winners since Rich Gannon was around.

Banaszak’em wrote:

Vann McElroy. 2 time Pro Bowler. Had 7 int’s one year. Played on a defense with a lot of household names so he kinda get’s lost in the mix.

Looper_Guy wrote:

Phil Villapiano, Lester Hayes