Da Fuck???

I'm livid. These r not Raiders we r signing. I mean come on Jimmy (I can't stay healthy)G..How am I gonna watch these guys?. He's a fucking 49er who can't stay on the field for more than a month. Then to add insult to injury(pun intended) these yahoos in front office decide to resign literally the worst offensive tackle I've ever seen to protect him???. This guy is bad and I'm here to tell you all no reall GM worth a shit would pay this joker to protect a fragile little pretty boy 40 freak niner turned Raider. Oh my God I think I'm gonna be sick. So Mark you mother fucker r you telling me not only do I gotta except a shit show GM that can't sign anybody or draft anybody, And a coach who the whole team despises but now I get to watch this sorry sack of shit 49er running my Raiders team. Is this really what you think a winner looks like Dude. Da Fuck???