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Silver Minings: Will Levis comes to NFL without great metric numbers

In terms of analytics, Kentucky quarterback enters draft with poor production

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NFL: Combine
Will Levis
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL draft, especially the quarterback class, is always a crap shoot and this year is no different.

Of course, Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson is a polarizing figure in this draft cycle. Many teams love him, while other are reportedly worried about him because he’s raw. Yet, Richardson isn’t the only top quarterback prospect entering this draft, who comes with some concerns.

Kentucky’s strong-armed gunslinger Will Levis fits that category as well. NFL analyst Warren Sharp recently offered some scary data on Levis. According to Sharp, Levis, if drafted in the first round as currently anticipated, would have the lowest career passing production score to be taken in the first round.

The Las Vegas Raiders, of course, have been connected to both Richardson and Levis can could draft one of them at No. 7. Yet, there are a lot of factors the team most consider in the next several weeks and Levis’ metrics are certainly among them.

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