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Raiders Film Breakdown: What does Jimmy Garoppolo bring to the offense?

Breakdown of Jimmy Garoppolo’s skill set

NFL: Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders have landed their starting quarterback for 2023. Jimmy Garoppolo was the Raiders' first free agency signing on a three-year $72 million deal.

Garoppolo has familiarity with Josh McDaniels but will have to re-learn the system after a five-year hiatus with the San Francisco 49ers. The weapons around the quarterback should help him feel comfortable and allow him to have a chance at success.

Statistically, the former 49ers quarterback. has been consistent since his trade from New England Patriots. He has a career 99 passer rating and consistently high YPA. The question becomes if that was a factor of Kyle Shanahan or if Garoppolo is a signal caller that can produce no matter who the coach is.

BD Williams of Tape Don’t Lie, and I break down his game. We a look at what he is good at and what will frustrate Raider Nation weekly. Check it below and let us know you think about the signing.