VERY Disappointed in FA

All this money burning a hole. Then we ditch Waller to gain another $8M or so to burn a bigger hole. And what do we do?

Garoppolo. Fine. We're either going to draft a QB at 7 or trade up or get Hooker later. I have a terrible suspicion we're going to wind up with Will Levis as our QB of the future, and IMO that's a very bad thing for this org. I think Hooker will be a far better NFL QB. But I also predicted that Teddy Bridgewater would be a better NFL QB than Marcus Mariota. So I don't know, if he hadn't gone through that horrific knee injury, just maybe...?

OK so I like the Jakobi pickup. Every team needs a guy like that. Good signing.

Similar with the Dorsett signing. Every team needs the speed guy.

Epps is a decent S who can cover better than Abram but that's not saying much. However, I'd say we upgraded this position. That said, IMO Moehrig sucks as well, he was exposed horrifically last season, ALWAYS late to the play. The S position is bad for us across the board, I talked about this in another fanpost.

This Spillane kid is NOT a starting LB in the modern league, he's a massive liability in coverage. Apparently even worse than Abram. We don't need to be importing liabilities, we need to be signing successful guys who lock down positions.

So why aren't we?? We were in the top 3 in cap space. We're signing tier 2 and tier 3 guys.

We need to make a MASSIVE RUN at Darius Slay, folks. Here's a guy who can pull together our entire d-backfield, maybe help Moehrig become a real pro, download some greatness into Hobbs' brain, get us some turnovers, lock down his man... We need a defining moment here.