I'm not a patient person normally and I get pretty outraged with our team. It's been this way for many years.'s time to reset and retool my way of thinking. What do I mean? As Raiders fans we have become so accustomed to the way our team works, drafts, and performs that we can't adjust to drastic change. BUT we have to rethink and trust that Ziegler & Josh know what they're doing. What can it hurt to trust a bit?

What we've done for 20+ years hasn't worked. Maybe moving Carr and trading Waller are good moves? I know we don't think so, but the way we've been thinking has to change.

I am going to TRY something new and believe that our management knows what they're doing. What's been done isn't working.

Time to take a breath and believe this season.

(If we don't improve in a big way this season then forget what I just wrote .)