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Raiders reportedly sign long snapper Jacob Bobenmoyer

This likely means Trent Sieg is out in Las Vegas

NFL: Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens
Denver kicks a field goal
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In an unexpected move, the Las Vegas Raiders have reportedly signed long snapper Jacob Bobenmoyer to a three-year contract.

Longtime NFL reporter Aaron Wilson has reported Bobenmoyer has signed a three-year, $3.815 million contract with Las Vegas.

This signing follows a trend — Bobenmoyer has ties to the Las Vegas coaching staff. He played for Raiders’ special teams coach Tom McMahon in Denver.

The move is surprising because the Raiders didn’t have a need at long snapper. Trent Sieg is considered an above-average snapper. He has been basically perfect since becoming a Raider in 2018. He has a tremendous working and personal relationship with star Raiders’ kicking specialists Daniel Carlson and A.J. Cole.

Plus, Sieg is under contract this year for less money than what Bobenmoyer is receiving. With Bobenmoyer now in the fold, Sieg will likely leave Las Vegas. Teams rarely keep multiple established long snappers. Perhaps they will have the two battle in training camp.

Regardless of the outcome, this signing was a surprise.