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Raiders draft 2023: How to get up to No. 3?

What would it take the Las Vegas Raiders to trade up with Arizona?

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
Dave Ziegler
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders have secured their 2023 starting quarterback in the form of free-agent signing Jimmy Garoppolo.

Yet, that doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of them drafting a quarterback in the first round. If they fall in love with one of the following quarterbacks Bryce Young (Alabama), C.J. Stroud (Ohio State), Anthony Richardson (Florida) or Will Levis (Kentucky), the Raiders may take a run at one of them.

However, of course, there are two realities if the Raiders want one of these players.

  • They will very likely miss out on two of them.
  • They will likely have to trade up to No. 3 to make it happen and after signing Garoppolo the Raiders will have to decide if they want to make two big commitments to quarterbacks this offseason.

This became apparent when the Carolina Panthers acquired the No. 1 overall pick in a trade with the Chicago Bears earlier this month. The Panthers and the Houston Texans, who pick No. 2, are both expected to draft quarterbacks. The Indianapolis Colts are also expected to take a quarterback at No. 4. So, the Arizona Cardinals, who don’t need a quarterback, will likely make the No. 3 pick available.

So, the Raiders may have to put a package together for the No. 3 pick if they truly want a rookie quarterback. What would it take to make it happen.

The Cardinals are probably going to have a lot of interest in the pick, so it won’t be cheap.

It may take the Raiders giving up No. 7, No. 38 (second round) and a third-round pick, (No. 70 or No. 100, acquired from the New York Giants last week for tight end Darren Waller. Maybe, though, it would require their first and second round picks this year and a second round pick next year to get it done.

Two years ago, with the San Francisco 49ers desperate for a quarterback, the Miami Dolphins fleeced them by sending the No. 3 pick to the 49ers for the No. 12 pick, first round picks in 2022 and 2023 and second-round pick in 2022. Perhaps the Cardinals will ask for that type of package. I couldn’t see the Raiders doing that.

10 years ago, the Raiders sent the No. 3 pick to Miami for the No. 12 and No. 42 picks. But there were no quarterbacks in play, so it changed the market. So, a trade up to No. 3 would likely be closer to the Dolphins-49ers deal.

The market will get more clear in the coming weeks, but this is something the Raiders will have to consider.