We Missed This...

What the Hell are they doing?

Everyone is questioning why McZ signed DC and Waller to contract extensions then let them go after one season.

The answer is that Mark wanted the new regime to run it back with a 10 win team and see what happens. Obviously, for several reasons, the team did not perform well. Does everyone remember that both McZ and Davis have said the long term build of the franchise is the goal. So here we are: building for the future.

Oh, but why trade last year's first and second round draft picks to Green Bay for All Pro WR Devante Adams? Because Davis was all in on running it back. If you ask me, the FO got a reasonable price for the best Raiders WR since Time Brown?

Why should we know this?

  • To have a stable franchise, you need to build through the draft. The team has 12 picks in the draft. Cheap players with upside that you don't have to trade picks for.
  • The FA signing have been uninspiring if you are going all in, but it is obvious the FO has moved away from that plan and are on the long term plan. I wanted Hargrave, and him only. But I see that the team doesn't want to get bogged down with bad FA contracts as they build through the draft. This will allow the team to sign premiere free agents in a year or two as the roster should be solid, with very few holes.
  • The Gimmy signing also indicates a build the team approach. Don't quote me on this, but I think his first two years, he will average around $17.5 million with no dead money after 2 years. Good price, can teach the QB room, and can handle McDaniel's perfectionism.
  • McZ didn't want to run off fan favorites the first year. That makes sense.

Last Thing.

Anyone who watched the 2021 season film knows we got lucky to make the playoffs. The Raiders made the playoffs, but weren't really a playoff team. The argument that McZ took a playoff team and ruined the franchise is just bitterness towards a guy you disliked from day 1. Actually, not day one: since he was winning SBs with the Pats.