A glimmer of hope, or more fool’s gold?

I guess he made this purchase because of how lucrative owning a WNBA franchise can be… (eye-roll)

I know I’m getting ahead of myself and going WAYYY out there, but it seems like old man Tom really enjoys being in Vegas (who doesn’t?)… is this the start of Tom and Mark potentially working alongside each other in a greater capacity? God knows Da Raiders franchise could use someone like him in an executive level capacity. Head of Football Operations anyone??? His first move would be to fire McDumbass, or just go back to bullying him like he did in New England

Just trying to have a little fun while we kill some time between now and the draft. Go Raiders ‍☠️ ‍☠️ ‍☠️ ‍☠️ ‍☠️ ‍☠️ ‍☠️ ‍☠️ ‍☠️