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Silver Minings: Are Raiders lagging in AFC West this offseason?

Football Outsiders aren’t impressed

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NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams
Raiders brass
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we end the second week of NFL free agency, the grades are pouring in and, at least, one national media outlet, hasn’t been impressed with that the Las Vegas Raiders have done thus far.

The Football Outsiders just released its grades in free agency for each AFC West team, broken down in four categories. The Raiders had the worst grade in all four categories including an overall grade of D+.

Las Vegas has been adding several players, but it is questionable if they have truly improved the team. It is also curious that they have put much more resources on offense than on defense. There is still time to improve, but, nationally the early returns on Las Vegas’ offseason hasn’t been strong.

In other Raiders news: