The case for Jalen Carter

We all know Ziegler and McD are following what they learned under Billy B. as it pertains to building a team. They might have their own little wrinkles here and there but the foundation is Bill’s Patriot way.

that Said, 2 of the more tenured and successful DTs the Patriots ever had are Richard Seymour and Vince Wilfork. Both highly effective with the Patriots, both drafted by the Patriots, AND both drafted in the FIRST RD with Seymour being #6 overall at of where, Georgia! Just like Carter could be at say #7 overall to the Raiders. And Wilfork being drafted @ #21 overall.

Ziegler and McD got to see first hand for the better part of 20 years what good DTs can do for a defense and your team and the Raiders have needed good DTs since 2002! Plus our free agency has been geared towards WRs and CBs. I’m betting we go DT Jalen Carter at #7 or potentially the next best DT (Bresee or Ika) as we wouldn’t need stud LBs nor CBs, just serviceable, with a monster D-line getting after the QB. Besides, when have the patriots ever drafted high or got via free agency a "stud" CB or LB??? Is it getting clearer now? The rest of the draft after DT will be OL and defense heavy with a TE somewhere in there. I don’t think we go QB in this draft unless it’s like a 7th rounder like Zappe was for the patriots.

But my guess is at 7 based on all of these factors, if Carter is there, we take him and build a stout Dline for the next 10 years around him and Maxx.