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Silver Minings: Post-free agency NFL power rankings

Where does rank Raiders?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders
Partrick Mahomes
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With NFL free agency well into its second phase, recently did its post-free agency NFL Power Rankings.

Where did the Raiders rank, you may ask?

No. 23. That’s not great, but, on the bright side, they did move up one spot from the previous , pre-free agency ranking.

The biggest takeaway from this exercise, however, is not where the Raiders rank. But what they face in the AFC. The conference is stacked.

This power rankings have seven AFC teams ranked in the Top 10, beginning, of course, with the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City at No. 1. Another Raiders’ AFC West rival, the Los Angeles Chargers, are ranked No. 8.

Only seven teams make the playoffs in each conference, so this early power rankings believes this is a conference full of playoff teams in the AFC ranked in the top 10.

Overall, there are 11 AFC teams ranked higher than the Raiders.

Again, we haven’t gotten to the draft yet and once the season starts, everything is equal. But for now, the Raiders’ road to the playoffs is full of obstacles because the AFC is so loaded.

In other Raiders’ news: