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Silver Minings: Davante Adams needs improved quarterback play

A look at history of top Las Vegas receiver’s stats

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Davante Adams
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

One of the biggest failures and disappointments of the Las Vegas Raiders 2022 season was how the offense fared after acquiring superstar wide receiver Davante Adams.

The Raiders reunited Fresno State teammates and close friends Adams and quarterback Derek Carr. It was supposed to bring the Las Vegas offense to the next level. While Adams did have an outstanding first seasons with the Raiders, the overall impact wasn’t great and Carr is now a former Raider as the team released him this offseason. He is now the starting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints.

Carr’s passing rating with Adams was 96.1 in 2022. As a recent tweet by the associated Press shows, it was much lower than the career passing rating of Adams’ starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, in his first eight seasons.

Yes, Adams’ first season in Las Vegas is a small sample size compared to his days in Green Bay, but it is up to both Las Vegas head coach Josh McDaniels and now starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to get the passer’s rating for Adams up to his career standard in 2023.

In other Raiders’ news: