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Josh McDaniels didn’t leave lasting impression on Travis Kelce

Chiefs’ star tight end can’t ID Raiders’ coach

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh McDaniels, Travis Kelce
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

We all know Travis Kelce is a funny dude.

But he’s not so great on names.

And faces when it comes to some NFL head coaches, including Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels.

In a hilarious segment on his “New Heights Podcast’ with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce was shown the picture of the head coaches from this week’s NFL owners meetings. Travis noted that he’s great with faces, but not names. He said he could name the team’s each coach runs, but not their names.

He failed miserably, starting with McDaniels.

After nailing the first three coaches, Travis Kelce looked at McDaniels stumped.

“Who the f-xxx is that guy?” Travis Kelce asked as his brother broke in laughter.

I guess those two games the Chiefs and Raiders played last season with McDaniels on Las Vegas’ sideline didn’t leave a lasting impression on Kelce.

As the photo accompanying this post shows, Kelce and McDaniels have met. Maybe in 2023, McDaniels will make Kelce remember him.