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Silver Minings: Odds point to Las Vegas drafting quarterback

The position is betting favorite for Las Vegas

NFL Combine
Will Levis
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The standard thought is that NFL oddsmakers know what their doing when they set odds recipes and their track record, of course, is pretty dang impressive.

So, maybe we need to keep an eye on the odds set by our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook. They have a bet offered for what the position the Raiders are going to use their top pick, No. 7. on.

Currently, the lowest (best) odds are priced at quarterback at +175. Cornerback is the next lowest position at +225, followed by offensive line and defensive line (+400), wide receiver (+1500), running back and linebacker (+3000), tight end (+4000), safety (+7500) and specialist (+20000).

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels said the team can go anywhere with the first pick, including quarterback even though they just signed starter Jimmy Garoppolo. I currently think the pick is going to be a cornerback, but I like the value at the defensive line.

In other Raiders’ news: