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Meet our staff

It’s an exciting time of year

NFL: New England Patriots at Las Vegas Raiders
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

It’s April and it’s draft month.

It’s going to be a big month in this community (after a great free agency period).

We thought it would be a good time to re-introduce you to our great staff, who have all been here since 2021. They are:

Matt Holder: Matt is a great part of this community. He is a film study geek and has scouting roots. He dives into the film.

Marcus Johnson: Like Matt, Marcus has a scouting background and he dives into the film. He’s also a terrific podcaster who loves breaking down quarterback play. And that will come in handy leading up to the draft.

Ray Aspuria: Ray is a former full-time journalist, who has been watching Raiders football for decades. He brings a steady and historic mind to this site.

I love having this group with me here and I think they are making it a better site. Here’s to a great draft season.