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Silver Minings: Can Jimmy Garoppolo connect on long touchdowns?

Raiders were among NFL’s best in scores 10 yards or longer in 2022

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Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders, of course, had their share of offensive problems in 2022, but one area they were strong in was longer touchdowns.

In a recent tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp, the Raiders were among the NFL leaders in offensive touchdowns on plays of 10 yards or longer in 2022. They had 24 such scores last season. It was tied with Dallas for the the fourth highest in the NFL. The Raiders were the only team in the top seven in this stat that didn’t make the playoffs.

Here is the complete list:

Of course, there is a big change on the Raiders’ offense as Jimmy Garoppolo has replaced Derek Carr (now in New Orleans) as the starting quarterback. Garoppolo is not known for having a strong arm. But he is good in mid-range passes and 10 yards fit that category. Plus, San Francisco was right behind the Raiders in this stat with 23 touchdowns. Garoppolo played in 11 of those games, so he contributed to the success.

I’d expect the Raiders to be in the same range in 2023 in this stat as they were last season.

In other Raiders’ news: