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Raiders draft 2023: What if only 1 quarterback is taken after 3 picks

What a wild scenario that would be

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Ohio State v Georgia
C.J. Stroud
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It appears we’re all old enough to remember when there was supposed to be four quarterbacks taken with the first four picks of the NFL draft, which, mercifully, is now just a week away.

Whether it’s reality, draft fatigue or smoke, now, there is chatter around the NFL, suggesting only one quarterback may be taken in the first three picks. First, there was rumors that the Houston Texans are leaning toward taking a defensive player at No. 2 after the Carolina Panthers are expected to start the draft by taking a quarterback.

There has been strong rumors that the Arizona Cardinals are shopping the No. 3 overall pick to teams that need a quarterback. Yet, now it seems, there is momentum, Arizona will keep the pick. This Week, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said there is, indeed, a chance only one quarterback would be off the board by the time the Indianapolis Colts pick at No. 4.

What a wild scenario that would be and it would trigger chaos. The Colts, of course, would be the huge winners in this scenario because they are expected to draft a quarterback and instead of getting their draft choice potentially, they will be getting their first or second choice.

That, of course, brings us to the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders draft at No. 7 and could take a quarterback if one is on the top of their board. The chances of that happening would, of course, increase, if only two are gone after four picks. The Raiders have closely studied the top quarterbacks, Bryce Young (Alabama), C.J. Stroud (Ohio State), Anthony Richardson (Florida) and Will Levis (Kentucky).

There has been reports stating, the Raiders would only take Young or Stroud.

So, what if the Colts take Levis over Stroud? The Seattle Seahawks (No. 5) or Detroit Lions (No. 6) would snag him. But maybe Seattle would trade its pick to the Raiders if they badly wanted Stroud.

Again, this would be wild. If this is the case, this is how I’d project the top seven picks:

Carolina: Young.

Houston: Texas Tech edge rusher Tyree Wilson

Arizona: Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson

Indianapolis: Levis

Seattle: Stroud

Detroit: Oregon cornerback Christian Gonzalez

Las Vegas: Illinois cornerback Devon Witherspoon.

Let the chaos commence.