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Mark Davis not happy for current A’s ownership to join Raiders in Las Vegas

Former Oakland stadium mates to have stadiums in the desert

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Mark Davis
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images


We have our answer, Las Vegas Raiders’ owner Mark Davis is not excited about the Oakland A’s joining his team in Las Vegas because he is still upset with the team’s management team over issues when both teams were trying to get new stadiums in Oakland.

Via Pro Football Talk, Davis told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he will not cooperate with this baseball counterparts with this management team. So, it could be some cold summers in the desert between the two franchises.

Late Wednesday night, the beleaguered A’s rocked the baseball world and further strengthened Las Vegas as a sports hot spot, announced they entered a binding purchase agreement with a site just off the Las Vegas strip with the attention of moving to the city.

The current plan is for the A’s to began play in Las Vegas in 2027. Their stadium sit is just blocks away from Allegiant Stadium, where the Raiders have played since 2020.

Thus, the A’s are followers their former stadium mates to the desert. The two franchises shared the Oakland Coliseum until the Raiders left after the 2019 season.

The Raiders and A’s didn’t always have a great relationship as they both were trying to secure new deals in Oakland. Davis had voiced frustration with the business leaders of his baseball counterparts.

Yet, once in Las Vegas, Davis supported the A’s relocation from the city he left.