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Silver Minings: Raiders need to work to get younger

Not enough young players got snaps in 2022

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San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
Dylan Parham
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

With the NFL draft starting in less than a week, the Las Vegas Raiders’ immediate goal to select several players who can come in and play right away.

That is needed for this team that is clearly rebuilding.

One of the disappointments of the unexpected 6-11 2022 season was the lack of contributions from younger players. NFL analyst Warren Sharp recently tweeted the snaps played by players 25 or younger in 2022.

Las Vegas was below average as they were 18th in the league with 13,683 snaps played by players 25 or younger. Here is the list:

So, the team needs to work to get younger and needs the 2022 draft class, which didn’t get a ton of contributions other than third-round pick Dylan Parham, to all develop.

Another discouraging aspect of the NFL list of under-25-playing time is that AFC West foes, the Kansas City Chiefs (eighth) and the Los Angeles Chargers (16th) were on the list than the Raiders. Ten of the teams higher on the list than the Raiders were among the 14 teams in the playoffs last season.

So, Clearly, the Raiders have some catching up to do.

In other Raiders’ news: