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Reviewing Tuesday Community Question: Are you confident in the Raiders’ draft?

Some of you are, some are not

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
Dave Ziegler
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As always, we had some interesting responses to our Tuesday community Question this week.

The question was, are you confident in the Raiders’ ability to draft well next week.

Here are some of your answers:

MoonPiespor Todos wrote:

Cautiously optimistic. With 12 picks, it’ll be a real opportunity to see the approach of BPA and maximizing pick value and just how creative Zieg can be.

RaiderCode wrote:

Very confident. Offseason has been very good so far. Ziegler will nail the draft.

Darrrkness wrote:


McDummy is in a put up or shut up year.

Forget the excuses.....its been messy.....gotta nail the draft.

Carter.....too much talent to ignore...Warren Sapp was a faller in the draft. LT (LB) was no choir boy)

We signed Grape. Pulled the plug on Waller. Let some key people walk. Jacobs is now a ???

No room for mistakes now.

Raiders0075 wrote:

The only confidence I have right now is that we have a lot of picks and a good WR group.

Lots of questions. We keeping Renfrow and extending Jacobs?

Can Jimmy G stay healthy these next 2 years and if he does how is he going to be on this team with much lesser talent than SF ? especially OL and defense.

Are we going to address the OL,TE or QB ?

I hate that Josh McDaniels previously said he can take any QB and turn him into a Pro. It seems like he takes a lot of credit for Brady.

Are we going to draft lower end prospects for QB only because of this? If he does he better succeed but only so many lesser prospects that turn out good especially in a very complicated offense.

We going all defense?

The most important question is about Ziegler and the scouting staff. Are they good at evaluating talent and is he able to manipulate the draft to get those guys?

We will have to wait and see on the field but this and the next draft will either change the teams directions or continue the bleh.

Mal Davis wrote:

Confidence low. FA signings a wash. Twelve picks but will the draft be an “A” grade draft?