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Raiders 2023 draft: Hear from Tyree Wilson

New Las Vegas pass rusher is excited

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1
Tyree Wilson
Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Las Vegas Raiders’ No. 7 overall draft pick Tyree Wilson spoke to the media on Thrusday night. Here are some highlights.

On if he had a clue the Raiders would take him:

Wilson: “Just right before the pick. I had a great 30 visit there, so I was curious to see what they were going to do, and I’m excited that they picked me.”

On his foot injury:

Wilson: “Yes, I expect to be ready by training camp. It’s up to the staff at the Raiders to see what percent I am. I feel great, and I’m just trying to be as best as possible on the field.”

On studying Maxx Crosby:

Wilson: “Yes, I’ve watched Maxx [Crosby]. I’ve been watching him for a while. He’s a great pass rusher, dominant and a disruptive player that’s going to be relentless all over the field. That’s what I try to have my game at, be relentless and disruptive.”

On his strengths:

Wilson: “I would say my biggest strength is being versatile, being able to play wherever they need me to play. And there’s other things that I need work on like locking out all the time and playing with pad leverage and just being more technical sound. Coming from college and going to the NFL, that’s the biggest thing that you have to work on.”

On being compared to new teammate Chandler Jones:

Wilson: “Yes, I’m excited to be able to join the team and learn from guys like him and Max to help me take my game to another level and help the team get to a Super Bowl.”

On his work ethic:

Wilson: “I just feel like you know that’s who I am, somebody that’s working hard. I feel like if you don’t practice hard, you don’t play hard. Coming to the silver and black, that’s what they’re big - practice like you play and being dominant and relentless.”

On his pre-draft visit to the Raiders:

Wilson: “First, it was different than a lot of visits. It felt like everybody in the building cared. I mean, the facilities were the best in the NFL. I had a lot of great relationships, like it felt like I’d been there for a while, but I was only there for a day. When I was eating breakfast, Maxx [Crosby] came through and I chopped it up with him a little bit. I’m excited to be his teammate and get to learn and work with him.”