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Silver Minings: Raiders’ had success with outside receiver yardage

Will that be a trend in 2023?

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Davante Adams

After the big-ticket addition of No. 1 wide receiver Davante Adams in a trade last year, the Las Vegas Raiders utilized the outside receiver positions in 2022.

According to a recent tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp, the Raiders had the 10th most receiving yards by wide receivers aligned out wide in 2022 with 1,971 yards last season,

I’d expect the Raiders to continue to be among the league leaders in this stat after revamping the wide receiver room with several receivers to complement Adams, starting with free agent Jakobi Meyers. Yes, Meyers may line up in the slot a lot, but with Hunter Renfrow in the fold, I’d expect Meyers to be aligned outside often as well.

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