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Reviewing Tuesday Community question: Draft night rituals

You are funny people

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7
Raiders fans at the draft
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

As we digest Thursday night’s events and prepare two ore big days of the 2023 NFL draft, it’s time to review our Tuesday Community Question. This week, of course, it was what is your NFL draft night ritual? Of course, based on the Las Vegas Raiders’ recent draft history, many of the answers were humorous. Thanks and help this year is more enjoyable.

BrotherJsaysYUCK wrote:

My unintended ritual has become making faces like this -

Silv3rder wrote:

Getting mocked via text by my non Raider friends after our first round pick is called...

So my new ritual this year is going to be AIRPLANE MODE

Chrissv25 wrote:

Being disappointed.

IoRaider wrote:

Usually say WTF when the team picks. Maybe that will change this year?

RCandmoonpies wrote:

I get on my favorite Raiders shirt and nervously await our pick.

React with astonishment/dismay to another incredibly bad 1st round pick. Drink heavily.. change the channel.


Mal Davis wrote:

No ritual, mainly pay attention to Raider picks.