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Silver Minings: Ken Stabler’s legacy lives on

He’s tied for special NFL mark

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Raiders v Vikings
Ken Stabler
Photo by Focus On Sport/Getty Images

As you may now, my favorite all-time NFL player is Oakland Raiders’ legendary quarterback Ken “Snake” Stabler.

Snake was the best and he will always be the first player I think of when it comes to why I love football and the NFL.

So, any time, I get a chance to celebrate the memory of Snake, I take it. And this is an awesome one.

Much to the chagrin of this community, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is out of worldly good. What he’s good so early in his career is so special. But as the below recent tweet shows, Snake is right there with Mahomes when it comes to wins early in his career.

Way to go, Snake.

Also, it’s cool that former Raiders’ quarterback Daryle Lamonica is on this list. His first four starts were with Buffalo and then he took over as the Raiders’ quarterback. So, yes, the AFC West rules this list.

In other Raiders news: