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Silver Minings: Interesting pass rate numbers

New quarterback, new trends?

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It will be fascinating to see if Las Vegas Raiders head coach (and play caller) Josh McDaniels will play situational downs the same with new starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo than he did with former starter Derek Carr.

Of course, Garoppolo has a history with McDaniels and that’s important to the coach. After all, the primary reason why Carr (now the starter of the New Orleans Saints) is gone and Garoppolo was signed in free agency is because McDaniels is more comfortable with that setup.

So, things are bound to change situationally with Garoppolo running McDaniels’ offense.

Per example, according to a recent tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp, the Raiders’ pass rate on 2nd and 10 after an incompletion was 64 percent in 2022 (in the first three quarters of the game).

It was the 13th highest rate in the league. Will it be higher or lower with Jimmy G.? We will see, but a lot will change with the quarterback switch.

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