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Reviewing Tuesday Community Question: Who should wear ‘0’?

Not a lot of love for the new number option

Jim Otto
David Boss-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s Tuesday Community Question was what Las Vegas Raiders’ player should take advantage of a new NFL rule allowing players to wear No. 0.

There wasn’t a lot of traction for a Raider to don O in 2023. But, as always, many of your were funny and there was some love for the great 00, Jim Otto, which is always cool. Here are some of your responses:

TheGhostOfJanikowski wrote:

Mark Davis.

to represent how many Super Bowl wins he has brought us, let alone playoff wins.


Josh McDaniels


radrntn wrote:

I concur, nobody,as it should be retired for “O”akland

Big Dog wrote:

No one. Raiders should retire it. Yeah, I remember Al’s point, if they started retiring numbers of great Raiders, they’d have no numbers left. But if anyone deserves the honor, its Jim Otto.

gkaighn wrote:

i wonder if our center could wear 00 in honor of Otto. I know they can’t but would be cool if he could.

UNoW wrote:

Jimmy Garoppol


AAAA54 wrote:

It would be a more relevant question if the team still played in the O.

Maybe someone that intimidates opponents?

Pipesp wrote:

J0sh Mcdan0ls on the sideline, everywhere everyday for that matter!

Raiders0075 wrote:

Since OL and DL can’t wear it I’d say Tre Tucker.

Most players don’t want to change their number and although drafted a little too early dude is fast and should make some big plays.

Objective_Raider wrote:

i think it would look pretty cool seeing a moveable piece on the Dline wearing it so i vote Tyree Wilson.