Davante Adams Straight Up For Quennin Williams!

Did you know Williams has removed all mention of the Jets from his Twatter page... so Tae straight up for Quennin Williams... what's not to like? You already know that other than Randy Moss the Patriots never give af about the reciever position, they've historically been fine with a collection of WR2's, a TE or two and a shifty slot guy.

Here's the Jets current roster, see for yourself, they've got nobody of note after Jameson Williams and he's coming off an injury. The money's about the same, maybe even less. Trade Tae and Renfrow and free up 35 million in cap space then sign Williams and maybe one of these linebackers that have recently become available.

Just ask yourself why we keep signing receivers... or why we used such a high pick (reached) on a receiver?

Talk about a high flying combination, New York City, Aaron Rogers, Davante Adams and Jameson Williams... the ratings would be through the roof, something you'll never get re-signing your all pro d-lineman the NFL just doesn't work that way.

A disgruntled Adams gets reunited with his buddy Aaron Rogers, and we get an elite defensive tackle in his prime. The NFL gets it's dream come true with 2 contenders in the NY tv market. The networks would go bonkers, NFL fans would go bonkers, Raiders and Jets fans would go bonkers. And the Jets and and more importantly the Raiders would be relevant again - which is extremely GOOD BUSINESS for the NFL.

Forever in search of the elusive win win situation... this is truly a win win win win win, in this situation everyone wins.