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Silver Minings: Raiders will have a huge advantage this season

6 games are coming against opponents coming off a Monday night game

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Raiders, Steelers
Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

Every year, fan bases of all 32 NFL teams complain about disadvantages of their favorite team’s upcoming schedule.

And the truth is, there are negatives to virtually every team’s schedule every single season. And the 2023 Las Vegas Raiders’ schedule is not perfect. But there are some advantages there as well.

This week, NFL analyst Warren Sharp point out that the Raiders will benefit from a huge advantage this season. He notes that Las Vegas will play six games (more than a third of their schedule) against teams coming off of playing on Monday Night Football. According to Sharp, no team has faced more than four such games in a season.

Also, four of the six games are Raiders’ home games, so these teams will be traveling on short rest. This can be huge for the Raiders, but as our Matt Holder pointed out it should come with an asterisk.

In other Raiders’ news:

  • Arnette trouble: Former Raiders’ first-round draft pick Damon Arnette has been indicted in an 2022 incident in Las Vegas.
  • Post-schedule release power rankings: Check out where the Raiders are in Pro Football Network’s power rankings.
  • Disconnect? Rob Gronkowski, who has ties to the Raiders’ brass, said comments made by Raiders’ receiver Davante Adams suggests there is a “disconnect” between the player and the team’s leadership.