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Silver Minings: Several Las Vegas games are among NFL’s hottest tickets

It’s no surprise

New England Patriots (24) Vs. Las Vegas Raiders (30) At Allegiant Stadium
Raiders fans
Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It’s been just over a week since the 2023 NFL schedule has been released and the secondary ticket selling market is moving with several games going for big money already.

It’s not surprising that many of those games involve the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium. In the two seasons in which fans have been inside Allegiant Stadium for Raiders’ games, the Raiders’ home games have been the most expensive ticket in the league.

Everyone wants to go to a game in Las Vegas.

That trend is not changing. According to, three of the top seven hottest selling tickets for the upcoming season are games in Las Vegas. The Week 3 game against Pittsburgh is second highest-selling ticket with an average re-sale price of $601. The Monday nighter against Green Bay is sixth at $80 and a December 10 game against Minnesota is seventh at $436.

So, once again, it won’t be cheap to see the Raiders play in Las Vegas.

In other Raiders’ news: