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Reviewing Tuesday Community Question: Best offseason move

Some love for the rookie tight end

NFL Combine
Michael Mayer
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It’s time to review our Tuesday Community question, which was what was the Las Vegas Raiders’ best move this offseason. As usual, we had some participation.

Here are some of your responses:

Gallowglass55 wrote:


RaiderCode wrote:

Cutting Carr instead of guaranteeing him another $45M.

Limey Raider wrote:

This post has been up for over three hours and absolutely no-one has mentioned the signing of Brandon Parker.

OK, some of the haters think he is a leaden-footed, clumsy oaf who will probably get Jimmy the Grape turned into wine.

But surely it’s the taking part that counts.

LBRaider1 wrote:

None of the above...all of Ziegler’s moves of signing ex Patriots have sucked.

The best moves are yet to happen, if at all. Signing Marcus Peters would move to the top of the list, same thing goes for signing Kwon Alexander. Those would be the best moves and that’s not saying much.

AAAA54 wrote:

Essentially trading oftinjured TE Waller and his massive contract for Mayer, a rookie version of Jason Witten.

Raiders0075 wrote:

Drafting Chandler Jones potential replacement.

Still think they are going to pay for not addressing the OL