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Silver Minings: Tyree Wilson was a popular pick

Las Vegas Raiders’ first-round pick was a social media hit

NFL: NFL Draft
Tyree Wilson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Time will tell if The Las Vegas Raiders’ selection of edge rusher Tyree Wilson with the No. 7 overall draft pick will work out on the field.

But in the spectrum of social media approval, the drafting of the Texas Tech Red Raider was a rousing success

According to a study by, Wilson gained the most Instagram followers of all of the 31 players drafted in the first round on draft night. Wilson’s followers increased by a silly 253.98 percent Thursday night.

That’s what a flashy suit and lifting up NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell high off the floor will do for a guy’s popularity.

Now, let’s see what the kid can do on the field.

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