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Tom Brady joins Raiders ownership and many fans are into it

Most fans in our poll are in favor of The GOAT joining the Raiders

Tuck Rule
Photo by MATT CAMPBELL/AFP via Getty Images

Last week, we asked members our this community whether they would be good with legendary quarterback Tom Brady, who has an ugly history with the franchise, joining the Las Vegas Raiders’ organization as a minority owner.

Then, Monday it was reported that Brady and Raiders’ majority owner Mark Davis reagreed to terms and Brady will be joining Las Vegas’ ownership group.

And it seems that’s just fine with many in the Raider Nation. In a poll in which 1,428 votes were tallied, 62 percent of the fans voted in favor of Brady joining forces with Davis and entering the dark side. Thus, 38 percent of the voters were against it.

I honestly thought the no votes would win the poll based on Brady’s Tuck Rule game history with the Raiders. Yet, it seems many fans see this a good opportunity to bring a proven winner into Raiders’ organization, which is a healthy way of looking at it.

Thanks to all who participated.