Major Epiphany Regarding Raiders

You guys know I'm usually the radical one saying things like Raiders should leave the NFL for the XFL or USFL. Well, it may just be too radical for most especially Mark Davis who couldn't be any more the opposite of his father. It got me thinking though with where the Raiders are at now with all the changes like bringing in Brady as a minority owner and having McDaniels as the coach. This is NOT the Raiders. To be perfectly honest, the feared and fabled Raiders of the 60s and 70s can never be in today's game. The NFL won. They've reduced the Raiders to a team with no identity. Even if they won, it still wouldn't be anything like the Raiders of decades past. Winning was only one component that made the Raiders. What was equally as important as the winning was how they won.

I had an epiphany though. The Raiders might have to suffer forever being the red headed stepchild in the NFL. It just is what it is and there's no running from it. However, we Raider fans could have an expansion team in the XFL that embodies what the Raiders of old were. Logo, colors, rogue coach, intimidating, relentless play. It might be our only hope to have anything close to what that was because as far as the NFL goes it will never ever be seen again. Right now's a good time to push for such an expansion team because the XFL isn't as bloated as the NFL is. We can still have a team with a presence that's off the cuff before the league tries to clean it up like the NFL did.