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Silver Minings: Raiders don’t get much rest in 2023

Las Vegas is one of 15 teams to have negative rest in 2023

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh McDaniels
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

We recently looked at how the Las Vegas Raiders have a schedule advantage in 2023 as they play six games (more than a third of the season) against teams coming off a Monday night game.

According to NFL analyst Warren Sharp, no team in the past 35 seasons had more than four such of those games. Also, four of these six games will be played in Las Vegas so these opponents will have to travel on a short week.

Yet, according to a recent tweet by Sharp, not everything about the Raiders’ upcoming schedule is a positive. According to Sharp’s Net Rest Edge chart, the Raiders are one of 15 teams to have a negative rest rate at -4 days.

Here is the chart:

The good news: Kansas City is at -13 days, the third worst rate in the league,

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